Paediatric Osteopathy in Caroline Springs, VIC

Osteopathic treatment isn’t just for adults and athletes. It is for everyone. Osteopathy provides a competent, caring and gentle approach to the treatment of children and babies. This treatment style makes it suitable for children of any age, including newborn infants. We’ve even had clients bring their child for treatment on the way home from the hospital after the birth! There are a number of causes of structural changes in children. Sometimes they are caused by challenges during the pregnancy or birth, childhood accidents and falls, infection as well as genetic disorders.

We know that seeking treatment for your baby or child can feel really nerve wracking. At take2health, if you have booked an appointment for your child under 4 years of age, you can be assured that the osteopath you will be seeing has undertaken further training in paediatrics. This training often includes post graduate courses, in house training and short courses, we firmly believe that further training is super important for our paediatric team and we make it a priority!

You may be surprised with the range or reasons that a parent may bring their child to be consulted with one of our osteopaths

Prior to any hands on treatment, a thorough case history and complete examination of the child is undertaken. This ensures that Osteopathic treatment is the appropriate course of action for the child, and there is no need for referral.

Gentle techniques are used to identify areas of the body where the child’s structure may have been disturbed. Osteopathy recognises a child’s natural ability to heal. Your osteopath may assist, accelerate and guide this natural healing process. At take2health we will always keep you, the parent or caregiver informed as to the treatment being undertaken and ways you too can help your child’s healing process at home.

We strongly recommend a newborn check for your infant prior to 6 weeks of age. All initial consultations are for 60 minutes duration, which allows lots of time for a thorough check of bub and for mum or dad to ask any questions they may have.

Still have questions about how our paediatric team can help you? Please contact our admin team for more information about how we may be able to help you and your child. If our admin team isn’t able to answer your question,, a member of our paediatric team will be happy to phone you back and have a chat.

We see an extensive range of paediatric conditions that often include but aren’t limited to:

  • Neck related strains associated with plagiocephaly
  • A baby who favours one side of their head
  • Lip and tongue tie
  • Unsettled infants
  • Babies who need support and treatment following birth.
  • Families seeking advice on normal developmental milestones and growth.
  • Problems with breastfeeding or bottle attachment
  • Postural issues such as scoliosis
  • Musculoskeletal symptoms often associated with growing pains
  • Altered leg/foot rotation when walking (eg in-toeing)
  • Movement concerns – such as delayed rolling, crawling or walking

You may be surprised with the range or reasons that a parent may bring their child to be consulted with one of our osteopaths

Cranial Osteopathy in Caroline Springs, VIC

Cranial Osteopathy is a form of Osteopathic treatment often used for babies and children alike. This recognises the subtle movements and restrictions that can occur in an infant’s skull (often due to birth or their position in utero) and works to gently correct these imbalances. An Osteopath’s training helps them to recognise very small changes to the skull and body of an infant. Mechanical problems are often found in the areas of the upper rib cage and neck as well as spine and hips. Often, with this form of treatment the baby feels very little except a warm relaxing feeling. Treatment may be very useful in calming an irritable baby. Osteopaths at take2health tend to treat using a broad mix of structural and cranial techniques.

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