Clinical Pilates in Caroline Springs, VIC

At take2health we offer clinical pilates which is a form of pilates that is developed and modified in accordance with current research.

Pilates aims to stabilise and control the smaller, deeper muscles of the pelvis, back and shoulders. By doing this we are correcting the brain patterns for muscle activity, therefore ensuring our muscles don’t fatigue quickly. Less muscle fatigue means greater postural control.

A pilates session focuses on effective breathing and controlled movement in order to limit the stress on the body. Pilates helps individuals to lengthen and tone their muscles whilst limiting the risk of injury by ensuring efficiency of movement. Our modern, fully equipped pilates studio provides an opportunity for a challenging and varied Pilates session every time.

At take2health our pilates sessions are completely individual so they are suitable for everyone from teens, adults and our more senior clients. It is also completely suitable for pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy as well as athletes. If you would like more information on how pilates can help you, please contact our friendly admin team.

Our modern, fully equipped pilates studio provides an opportunity for a challenging and varied Pilates session every time

Individual Pilates Session in Caroline Springs, VIC

Our pilates sessions are now all individual rather than in a class environment. All sessions are run by an osteopath who has further extensive training in clinical pilates. Your initial appointment will be for 45 minutes to allow us to take a complete history and physical assessment to allow us to tailor your session specifically for you and your individual needs. Due to the 1:1 nature of our pilates sessions, this form of Pilates is also suited for those with complex musculoskeletal problems or those who are unable to attend a regular class setting.

Your first individual session includes a thorough physical assessment and history, as well as an introduction to the fundamentals of Pilates and the equipment in our pilates studio. Subsequent appointments are 30 minutes duration. Your Osteopath will give you pilates exercises that you can also work on at home so that you reach your goals more quickly.

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