Lumbar Disc Pathology – Symptoms & Causes


In our previous blog post on lumbar disc pathology, we explained what lumbar discs are, the different types of lumbar disc issues that can occur and common myths about disc injuries.

In this blog post, we will explain the common symptoms, causes and contributing factors of lumbar disc issues.

What Does a Lumbar Disc Injury Feel Like?

Symptoms vary from person to person and can depend on the severity and location of the disc injury. Some common symptoms include:

-Lower back pain and stiffness, usually worse with bending forward

-Lower back pain can also be worse with coughing and/or sneezing

-Pain can be located at the centre of your lower back, or either side of the spine

-The pain can radiate into the buttocks or legs

-If the disc injury is affecting one of the nerves near the spine, you may experience weakness, pins, and needles and/or numbness in your leg or foot

 What Causes Disc Issues?

-The natural aging process can make discs more susceptible to tears, bulges and herniations

-Acute trauma can also cause a disc injury, such as a fall

-There are certain risk factors that increase your risk of a disc injury. They can include:

— High BMI – being overweight can put greater stress on the discs

— Occupations involving repeated or prolonged bending, twisting, or lifting

— Long periods of driving

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