Is Your Handbag Contributing To Your Pain?


Handbags can contribute to neck, shoulder or back pain if not carried properly. This blog post will give you some tips on adjusting your handbag to reduce aches and pains.

Avoid Overpacking Your Handbag

It is very easy to keep adding items to your handbag, but over time, items can accumulate, adding extra weight to your bag. Only pack the essential items, and make sure you remove any unnecessary items after a day out.

Adjust the Straps

If your handbag has adjustable straps, adjust them if necessary. This allows you to customise the length to your own body height. A bag with straps that are too long can result in the bag swinging excessively as you walk.

Place the Strap Across Your Body Where Possible

If possible, lengthen the strap and cross it over your body. This will help to distribute the load more evenly, so that there is less weight on the one shoulder.

Alternate Shoulders

Regularly switch the shoulder that you carry your bag on. This will help to avoid placing too much pressure on the one shoulder.

Carry Two Smaller Bags

Instead of carrying one large bag, try carrying two smaller bags, either in each hand, or one on your shoulder, while the other is in your opposite hand. This will help to evenly distribute the load more effectively.

We hope this helps. If your handbag is still uncomfortable, or if you have any aches or pains that are aggravated by wearing your handbag, make an appointment with one of our Osteopaths. They will have a chat with you and try and find a solution.

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