If You Can’t Adjust Your Desk and Chair: Tips to Make Your Workspace More Comfortable


In our last blog post about ergonomics, we talked about what to look for when purchasing a new desk chair. We recommended adjustable desk chairs, so that they can be tweaked to suit you and your workspace. But what if you aren’t able to adjust your desk chair? Here are some easy tips to make your workspace more comfortable and supportive.

Stack Some Books

Ideally, your computer screen should be at eye level, with the centre of your screen level with your nose. If your desk is too low, or your chair is too high, stack some books to elevate your computer screen. Using a laptop? Make sure you have an attachable keyboard and mouse, so that you’re not lifting your arms up to reach the laptop keyboard and mousepad.

Foot Rest

If your feet don’t touch the ground, and you’re unable to lower your chair, you can use a foot rest or stool to support your feet. If you don’t have any of these at home, try stacking some books or boxes. Ensure that your hips are still slightly higher than your knees.

Lumbar Support

Is there a big gap between your lower back and your chair? Your chair most likely lacks a lumbar support. Grab a cushion or pillow and place it horizontally across your lower back for support. You can also try rolling up a towel and placing it behind your back. If your lower back curves in quite a bit, roll up the towel more to fill that space between your back and the chair. If you don’t have much of a curve, don’t roll it up as much.

Seat Cushion

If the base of your chair is quite hard, pop a cushion or folded towel/blanket underneath you. Make sure it’s not too soft though, as this can cause you to slouch.

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