Gluteal Tendinopathy




Have you ever had hip pain when running or walking which you just can’t seem to get rid of? You may be suffering from a gluteal tendinopathy. In this blog we will discuss what this is and how it can be helped.

What is a gluteal tendinopathy? 

Your gluteal group is made up of 3 muscles- gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These muscles are responsible for a variety of hip movements, as well as playing a role in stabilising and supporting the hip and pelvis in activities such as running and walking. If these muscles are weak or overused, you can begin to get irritation and swelling at the tendons of these muscles where they attach to bone. 



Hip Pain

What does a gluteal tendinopathy feel like? 

-Pain most commonly on the outside of your hip. 

-Muscular stiffness and weakness. 

-Pain may worsen when loading the tendon, during activities such as running, jumping or climbing stairs. 

-Worsening of symptoms when lying on affected side, or getting up first thing in the morning. 

-May be swollen, red or inflamed if bursa is aggravated. 

What are risk factors for getting a gluteal tendinopathy? 

-Weak gluteal muscles. 

-Increase in training loads or start of new activities such as running. 

-Altered gait (walking patterns). 

-Injuries in areas such as your lower back or knees, causing the body to compensate by increasing the loads on your hips. 

What can your osteopath do? 

-Your osteopath will complete a thorough assessment, to rule out if other structures in your hips are causing the pain, or if the pain is being referred from another region (such as your lower back). 

-They may utilise techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and dry needling. Advice on how to change your activities to deload the hip, as well as stretching and strengthening exercises may be shown. These are used to improve pain levels and avoid reinjury. 

-Your osteopath may even look at other regions of your body, and things such as footwear to assess if they are playing a role in your pain.  

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