Couch Posture


Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable when sitting on the couch and trying to watch your favourite Netflix show? 

Here are some different ways to sit comfortably on the couch, so that you can get back to watching Netflix without aches or pains!

First, let’s take a look at how not to sit on a couch:

In this photo, you can see that the depth of the seat is too long for Rhiannon’s legs, and her feet aren’t planted on the ground. It’s also causing her hips to sit at a lower height than her knees, which is not ideal for your spinal posture. 

As the couch back is too far backward, Rhiannon is slouching forward with her upper body to see the screen. This can result in neck and shoulder tightness and pain over time. 

Position 1

If the couch seat is too deep for your height, place some cushions behind your back. This should allow your feet to be planted on the floor, and it elevates your hips which creates a more comfortable posture for your spine. If you find that your hips are still at a lower height than your knees, place some cushions underneath your bottom. 

Placing cushions behind your back should improve the posture of your upper body, and prevent strain on your neck and shoulders. However, if your couch doesn’t support the back of your head, or you feel like your head and shoulders are still still slouching forward, place some cushions behind your upper back.

Position 2

An alternative way to sit is by shuffling to the edge of your couch. This should also allow your hips to be at knee height, or slightly higher, but place some cushions underneath you if needed. As you can see, this position places your lower back in a comfortable posture, and prevents any slouching. Place some cushions over your knees if you need somewhere to rest your arms, but ensure they are high enough to avoid slouching at your upper back and shoulders. 

Keep in mind…

Although these positions are great for your posture, it is super important to try to get off the couch at least every 30 minutes, to prevent your muscles and joints from stiffening up. 

We hope these tips help you! If you have any further questions, or need specific advice about your posture, give us a call, or book online with one of our Osteos or Remedial Massage Therapists.

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